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The Community Setting 

Most acupuncture treatments in the United States take place on a table in a room by oneself. However, this is not how most of the world has traditionally received acupuncture, where it has usually occurred in a group setting. We all know the value of power in numbers, right? Would you prefer to eat in an empty restaurant, or one that is full of people and bustling? How about an empty movie theater? Us neither! A healthy group setting creates a dynamic that can be used for all of our benefit in an acupuncture clinic. Receiving treatment in a community setting has tangible benefits: it's easier for friends and family to come in together; many patients find it a relief to not be left alone and isolated during their treatment. In addition, our practice allows patients to keep their needles in as long as they want, as we observe the 'right' amount of time varies from person to person.  Most people learn after a few treatments when they feel 'done' or 'cooked'. This can take anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple of hours. You can stay as long as you feel comfortable doing so - or until we close for the day! If you want to be finished at a specific time, ask your acupuncturist. We'll make sure you're out on time.  Otherwise, we prefer you forget about time altogether. When you are feeling as though you are ready to end your visit or need to get our attention, just open your eyes and give us 'a meaningful look'. We'll remove your needles or be available otherwise. Please, never get up out of your chair, or off the table when the needles are still in (yes, this has happened before!) 

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