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Welcome to Charleston's 1st Community Acupuncture Clinic!


Please take a few minutes to slowly read this introduction to our clinic and community. This information is very important! Be sure to read the all of this information, including the links at the bottom of the page:   


- The Beauty of the Sliding Scale

- The Community Setting

- Our Commitment to You

- Your Responsibilities


You may also print  "Welcome to Charleston Community Acupuncture" to read at your leisure, OR you can pick up this documentation in our office.




 Charleston Community Acupuncture (CCA) is one of the first community acupuncture clinics established in the south east, and is affiliated with the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) a non-profit organization whose mission is to make acupuncture affordable for nearly everyone, while promoting a sustainable business model that works for patients and practitioners. This is done by offering one of the worlds' oldest and most effective medical treatments - acupuncture - in a comfortable group setting. By doing this we can engender a warm community atmosphere and lower cost per treatment, thereby making treatments available to people of all means, and ultimately providing an opportunity for more frequent use of acupuncture, with better outcomes. We see this clinic and others like it functioning as a safe place to come take a rest while working through pain and suffering toward healthier patterns. 


If you'd like more information about community acupuncture, or are looking for a clinic like ours in other parts of the country or overseas, visit or ask us and we'd be happy to help you. As of mid-2009, there are over 80 such full-time clinics operating in the U.S. & Canada. It makes us really happy to be able to find community-minded, affordable acupuncture clinics for our neighbors and patients. Let us know if you find any we don't know about!  Many acupuncturists use a style of acupuncture where needles are inserted directly into the area of pain. The problem with this approach is that it can feel pretty uncomfortable, and one runs the risk of aggravating existing pain. We use a different style of acupuncture. These methods are time-tested and even safer. The effects can also be surprisingly fast. The acupuncture points we choose most often are on the scalp and ears, from the elbows to the hand, and from the knees to the feet. Consequently, you'll just have to roll your sleeves and pant legs up, in order to get ready for your treatment. These treatments are efficient, comfortable and extremely effective. Pain relief can occur in seconds with long lasting relief of chronic pain resulting over a series of treatments.  However, there are times when needling locally may be appropriate in order to attain maximum results from the acupuncture treatment.  The needles we use are made from stainless steel and are sterile, one time use, and disposable.  They are opened from a blister pack immediately before treatment.  


We also offer Herbal medicine at a reduced price when necessary or requested by our patients.  Our herbs are given in two forms.  We custom blend single herbs into a herbal tea that can be added to warm water as a beverage.  We also offer pills that are easy to swallow, without having to taste what's in them.  Herbal consultations are a private one on one intake that takes time in order to get the correct herbal diagnosis.



The Beauty of the Sliding Scale


The Community Setting


Our Commitment to You


Your Responsibilities


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1307 Savannah Highway Charleston, SC 29407