New patients get your first

Community Acupuncture session for $35

New Patients sessions include:

Private evaluation and consultation.

Personalized acupuncture treatment.

Relax and rest for up to 60 minutes.

Treatment Plan conversation with the acupuncturist.


To Schedule a New Appointment

Please Call

(843) 763-7200

We also offer

Community Acupuncture


Treatment performed in a group setting in comfortable recliners.


Treats injuries with needling, electrostimulation, cupping and heat.

Abdominal Massage Therapy


10 Minute massage for Fertility, Digestion, Liver Detox followed by acupuncture .

Organic Herbal Pharmacy


Custom blended, USDA certified organic formulas mixed on site.

Pediatric Acupuncture


Uses lasers, pediatric massage, very thin needles, acupuncture seeds. Children 3-10 years.